Each year, CSR undertakes 30 to 50 projects, both small and large. Examples of larger studies in the past year include surveys of 3,500 Medicare beneficiaries about the amount and kind of care they received; 3,000 patients discharged from Massachusetts hospitals in a study of hospital safety; 2,400 workers from across the country regarding their use of technology on their jobs; 5,600 Massachusetts teens and adults about their tobacco use; and 7,000 teachers in New York about factors affecting implementation of a new math curriculum. Examples of smaller studies include a mail survey of approximately 500 Cape Cod residents, in-person interviews with 200 current and former smokers in the Boston metro area, and design of a survey instrument for the Special Olympics organization to study international understanding of intellectual disabilities.

The methodology and procedures of any project undertaken by the Center must meet rigorous scientific standards, and the results of all projects are in the public domain. Each project at the Center is overseen by a senior staff member who is responsible for both the substance of the project and the budget concerns. CSR projects have focused on areas such as health and health care, employment, education, mental health, substance use, environmental impacts, gerontology, law and criminal justice, public policy, and social service needs. Please follow the links to the left for descriptions of some of our recent projects.